Cam’s had a diverse musical career. He’s performed in venues around the world including London, Cardiff, Nashville, New York City and all across Canada. Performing with such bands as: Sun, Franklin Stove, Hot Cottage, Destiny, Drastic Measures, RaRu, Perfect World, Lee Whalen, Mary Jo Eustace, Gayle Ackroyd, Melanie Doane, Melody Ranch, Besharah, Ana and Bill Colgate and the Urbane Guerillas.

Cam’s been a feature film and tv composer and performer and has played live on numerous television and radio shows. He also has extensive experience as a recording engineer and editor. Co-producing Bill Colgates CD “Waiting For Simon”, Mary Jo Eustace’s debut CD “Bone And Marrow” and Gayle Ackroyd’s new CD "Give It All You Got".

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